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I Got Engaged!

Hi everyone,

It's not often that I write an article but my boyfriend, well now Fiancé, Mike proposed to me recently!  He did it in spectacular fashion too!

We love to watch the CBS show "The Amazing Race", so he came up with his own version of it, titled, "Our Amazing Life."  The race took 7 hours and consisted of going to 8 destinations that played a part in our relationship.  At each location there were tasks to preform and clues to find which led to the next destination.  At the last location he proposed, and I said YES!

The night before the proposal Mike met Chip and Kim McAllister, the Season 5 Amazing Race winners, at a work party.  Once Mike told them his plans of proposing the following day, they immediately offered to help out.  They were a great addition to an already thoughtful proposal.  They surprised me at the finish line by coming in 2nd place and leading Mike into his proposal.  I couldn't have asked for a more amazing proposal.  I love him so much.

Mike's sister Maria filmed the whole thing, below are the videos.  I hope you all enjoy!

In this video the race continues!

In the last video, Chip and Kim McAllister surprise me and Mike proposes!

What a great day it was!  Thanks Mike!  I love you.



Thanks for sharing, that was cute. Congrats!

Aww it came out great! Most

Aww it came out great! Most thoughtful proposal ever!


That was amazing! How sweet of him!


So cute!