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Volcom Mens Sample Sale

Volcom Mens Sample Sale

Look for 50-70% of Men's clothing!

Expect boards shorts, tops, tees, hoodies, denim, shorts, and more!

Cash Only

8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

1955 Wallace Ave
Costa Mesa, California

(view in google maps)


Volcom Mens Sample Sale


Went there expecting for it to be a legit sample sale from a warehouse/store, but it was actually taken place in this guy's garage in an apartment complex. Talk about a waste of time!! Not many things to choose from, and prices were not at all "Sample Sale" prices. TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls sell these boardshoarts and shirts for cheaper. Overall, it was a big disappointment and a waste of time for waking up so early to catch it...

Such a waste of time should verify if it is legitimate first before posting

We do our best

Trust me we won't be posting the sale from that address again.

Don't Waste Your Time

Where do I start? First off, this supposed "sample sale" takes places in someone's garage, and only has very limited selection. Secondly, they are not "sample sale" prices, they are warehouse sale prices. What a joke! Be aware they are new, but more like a garage sale, a waste of time.

someones house?

Google street view the address. Its a 8 bedroom apartment building a block from their headquarters. Sounds weird but makes a little ssense. Someone comment if you went and it was legit.